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Ethyl silicate 40

Product name: Ethyl silicate 40
Alias: Ethyl silicate 40, tetraethyl orthosilicate 40,polyethyl silicate
CAS NO.: 11099-06-02
Structural formula:
Molecular weight: 740(app)
Index name Index
Appearance colorless transparent liquit
Chroma(APHA) <10
Specific gravityat 20° C(68° F) 1.05-1.07
Silicon dioxide content 40-42%
Acidity(as HCl) <0.01
Other content 0-5ppm
Viscidity( 20°C) 4-7cps.
Use: paint, dope adhesive, organic rubber crosslink agent and others.
Output: 5,000 tons
Packing and transportation:

200kg metal drum,
   export grade: 200kg/galvanization metal drum(16 tons/container)
   Can supply commercial inspection hazardous guarantee. Storage period: 12 months.